Thank You Hippies!

Thank You Baby Boomers, or more specifically, thank you Hippies of the Baby Boom, Gen X, or any generation.

Here are a list of accomplishments America wishes to thank you for:

  • You drugged up, checked out, and left your parents and kids to pick up the pieces.
  • You burned bras, burned draft cards, and burned Americas connections to the nuclear family.
  • You staged violent protests, praised Jane Fonda for giving aid and comfort to the communist North Vietnamese we were at war with, and spit on the soldiers who came back from ‘Nam.
  • You wore t-shirts celebrating Charles Manson and the Coward Che Guevara, while condemning Police and military who were merely trying to serve their city, state, and\or country.
  • You overthrew all social mores and the protections contained therein, after the sexual revolution HIV and other STDs were much more rapidly spread throughout society. At this point, some demographics are more riddled with STDs than many ancient civilizations.
  • You encouraged and enabled the modern crime wave we have been fighting for generations with your increased appetite for any and all drugs.
  • Once you figured out you could make big money on wall street, or running companies into the ground, you turned capitalism (the greatest engine of wealth creation for all classes in the history of Human kind) into Crony Capitalism, draining much of the income improving effects from the lower socioeconomic classes to yourselves.
  • With political power, you rapidly worked for ever more power by ballooning spending at ludicrous rates, increasing regulations by orders of magnitude and infringing on our civil rights in every way you could, while manufacturing other “civil” rights for yourselves.
  • You denigrated Main Street, the small business owner, the Plumber, the Electrician, and shamed everyone if the weren’t a College graduate, preferably in philosophy or a major so narrowly focused as to be of no practical use in the real world.
  • You excused and coddled criminals, while condemning those who defended themselves, and those who sought to uphold the law.
  • You brought about participation trophies, scoreless games, and no winners, no losers (“no winners, all losers” in my book), killed dodge ball, monkey bars and FUN.
  • You encouraged illegal immigration, discouraged assimilation, added more paperwork, and less learning to education, and worked to divide us by demographics, turning us against each other, which lead to greater divisions in society.
  • You did your best to destroy the religious orders that supported out communities, as well as minimize our religious freedoms.
  • Finally, you are getting your wishes, communities are divided, citizens distrust those there to protect them, business owners just give up satisfying the various authorities, campuses burn with suspicion and rage, and it seems likely some will soon burn for real.

Again, America thanks you!