The Federal Government is like a Pimp

The relationship between the federal government and the citizens is frequently similar to the abusive relationship between prostitute and pimp.

Imagine this; “You need me to protect you, so no one takes advantage of you. You have no rights. If you want to keep my protection, get out there and make me some money.

Now change that to the government and a citizen; “You need me to protect your rights, so no one takes advantage of you.” “What do you meen rights?” “You have no rights when it comes to me.” “If you want to keep my protection, get out there and make me some money.” “That’s not enough money, now I will just take everything you own!”

Why do we put up with it?

Stand up and put the bully on his butt!


Where do you stand?

This is an open letter to all Federal Employees: 


The President has decided that rights are merely options, unless the weren’t included in the Constitution. Your Bosses (hereby collectively known as “They”) at the top have as well. They have also decided they’d rather have a more expensive, still ineffective Federal Government, than a leaner, less expensive one.


The War on Poverty has produced no tangible result, other than costing massive amounts of money. It probably would’ve been cheaper and more effective to have paid for everyone’s college, than to have fought the War on Poverty. Unfortunately we have wasted that money. We are broke and they are desperate! They are willing to sacrifice our rights, so that they can hold onto power. 

We will no longer allow this to continue without resistance! We do NOT seek to overthrow our governments, merely to back them down, and make them fear the people again. Any government that does not fear the people WILL abuse them.


I ask you to consider long and hard, are you going to be the one who helps take away our rights, one by one, or will you refuse to be a water carrier for petty tyrants?

We can win!

We can make the government back down when they overreach.

Today the BLM backed down and we can make the IRS and the NSA step back as well.

There are more of us than there are of them. As long as we band together we can force them to dial back the intrusions into our lives, our hones and our businesses.

We must have each others backs everyday and everywhere. We must also not allow them to split our votes.

We don’t need a revolution, we just need the government to largely leave us the he’ll alone!

Ted Cruz is Anti-Minority (It’s not what thinks though)

You hear it all the time, “How do the Ted Cruz republicans think they are going to win with minorities?”

The answer is; We don’t! I think it is obvious to all reasoning people, Senator Ted Cruz IS Anti-Minority. So am I! We don’t expect to win with Minorities, because we expect to win with people in general.

The artificial divisions  of race and ethnicity, are weaker than the divisions of thought. Most of us want an opportunity at a productive career, a home, a good education for our kids and food in our bellies. The big disagreements are in how to get there. The is no one race in this country where everyone is poor, or everyone is rich. We intend to represent all Americans.

Liberals, continue with your dividing into smaller and smaller sub-groups, as for Ted Cruz and I, we will serve all the people! 

Relativism and Voter Suppresion

We hear it all the time, “requiring someone to display valid, state issued photo I.D. at the ballot box is voter suppression. It’s as bad as a poll tax! For many poorer people it’s to expensive or difficult to obtain.” Don’t you believe them! In most states, if you do not have a drivers license it cost around $10 to obtain a state issued photo I.D. card.

Meanwhile, they just voted again in Afghanistan. Afghanistan, where the Taliban threatened women’s lives if they dared vote. Afghanistan, where a large percentage of the population is illiterate and many live on less than $10 a day. They too, were required to show photo I.D. Even with the threat from the Taliban, they showed up to the polls, proudly waving their I.D.’s, thumbing their noses at the Taliban. 


If they can accomplish this in Kabul, then surely than can do this in Sheboygan, Atlanta, or Portland. The Libs must love straw men, because reality couldn’t be much different.

Maduro makes Simon Bolivar weep in his grave.

In Venezuela, as in Cuba and other South and Central American countries, the leaders have betrayed the legacy of Simon Bolivar.

Simon Bolivar fought for the right of self-rule for the indigenous people of the Americas. He did not fight to replace one arbitrary overlord put in place by London, Paris, Lisbon, or Madrid for an arbitrary overlords from the local populace.

Yet that is exactly what has happened in Venezuela,  Cuba, and many other Latin American nations. In Venezuela the rights of the people are diminishing by the day, while the methods are control are getting ever more violent and suppressive.

This is a general screed to draw your attention to the outrages that are growing daily in Venezuela.  I trust you to do some research. There are many excellent articles being written that address the details.

Down with Maduro!