Sally Kohn and The Evil White Men

via Political Correctness on College Campuses – The Atlantic.

Sally Kohn has written a new column, and it is filled to the brim with her usual level of journalistic standards: White Bad, Male Bad, Straight Bad, Straight White Male EVIL! If you’ve read her writing before, you’ve seen all there is to see. When it comes to ideas and viewpoints she really does tend to fish from a shallow pond.

While the historical events she sources are all accurate, past evil, is no reason to use faulty conflated logic in the present. In fact, it is all the more reason to avoid such emotion laden missteps.

Whereas in the past, whichever race had the majority could set the rules to favor themselves, nowadays, at least in this country, That is less and less the case. Stronger minimum mandatory sentences for crack possession vs. powder cocaine possession are not discriminatory against any one race, they are discriminatory against users and dealers of crack cocaine. Is that Just? I think not, both are incredibly dangerous substances and should have similar punishments.

Sally argues that because horrific, illogical, unjust, inhumane atrocities were committed in the past against blacks, that somehow ties in to explaining and justifying petulant, immature, and illogical behavior on today’s college campuses by the children we sent to school to get an education.

Across the nation Overgrown Children that we thought were adults are forcing administrators to resign for things that either happened off campus, no proof exists that they did happen, or they are unsatisfied that criminal investigations sometimes take a few days. In some cases, these allegations were about instances where if true, no crime was even committed. As this is no longer the day of the lynch mob we do not act on such things as if it were a punishable crime.

These students go on hunger strikes, and we are supposed to care. When my own children refuse to eat, I just let them go, they will eat when they are hungry. Any 18+ year old who blames his/her refusal to eat on others is only worthy of being ignored.

After bringing down administrators, and “resolving” the offending incidents as much as possible, then the protesters come up with various lists of further demands.  If you do not comply with these further demands, you are labeled racially insensitive. Often times these demands involve artificial re-balancing of the racial makeup of the student body, and of the Faculty to an explicit number they specify. This was found to be unconstitutional by the Supreme Court. You can see the demands for MizzouAmherst, Ithaca, Claremont, Yale, NorthWestern, and many others. I’ll let you judge whether the demands, and Sally’s article make sense.

I leave you with an article by some students with a different viewpoint.


2 thoughts on “Sally Kohn and The Evil White Men

  1. zurvan says:

    I find it interesting that you use sentencing standards with crack cocaine as your example, given that it not only impacts African Americans disproportionately but was intended to do so. Saying that isn’t a racist law is following such a narrow, explicit definition of racism as to not be all that useful, in my opinion. If we want to make responsible laws then we have to care about the impact they have beyond their explicit letter, and I personally believe we should go as far as possible to have laws that don’t discriminate in practice as well as theory. (Like Voter ID; it’s not racist in theory but it does disproportionately impact minorities. That should at least give us pause).

    • I apologize for the wait, I was out with the wife. I am glad you brought this up and will be happy to address this in a post later tonight or tomorrow as work and children allow. I appreciate your taking the time to read my post as well as commenting in a manner that invites discussion.

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