A quick Summary of the Second Democrat Debate

The 2nd Democrat Debate

If you missed the second Democrat Presidential Debate, Good For You! Below I will summarize the whole debate:

Bernie Sanders


Slightly rumpled, absentminded professerish style distracted from meaningless inane ramblings. He occasionally came across as a serious candidate, but mostly seemed to wonder who had taken his Tapioca Pudding. He continually gave his best physical impression of the great Peter Boyle. Great Comic Relief!


Has no idea socialism doesn’t work, seems out of touch, and see above.

Martin O’Malley


Doesn’t realize no one cares and that he will be a tiny footnote in the history books for this election.

Cons: Empty Policy, Poor Delivery, Makes Jeb seem interesting. Enough, no reason to pile on.

Hillary Clinton


The press is behind her, all she really has to do is show up. Both her opponents would make C3PO look good. Knows what the issues are. Managed to seem to the right of John Kasich.


Has no real answers, merely platitudes. Won’t say Radical Islamists. Will say radical Jihadists. Doesn’t get there is no functional difference.

Verdict: Hillary wins, again, Yawn. Most boring debate since the last Dem debate.


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