From: Mizzou, with love To: Paris RE: Stop hogging the spotlight

After the horrific attacks in Paris yesterday, most of the world was horrified and stunned. Most of the world. There are a few selfish crybabies, who are steadily working to bring down the remains of the greatest group of university systems in recorded history, who felt no sympathy.

If you feel that 160+ dead from a terrorist attack is a distraction, if you think its an opportunity to argue for gun control, if you want to use this tragedy to argue for more unfettered, undocumented immigration, if you want to diminish the evil that is inherent in this crime, you highlight why we don’t respect you.

Yes, I said it, we don’t respect you, we don’t want to know you, we don’t want to hire you, to work with you, for you to date our children, to associate with you in anyway.

If my statements make you feel you need a safe space, you demonstrate your weakness. When ISIS or any other terrorists come for you, they will not respect a “safe space”.

Life is tough, we all have our problems, having rich parents, plenty of food, top notch housing, financial security, or even enough clothes, these were not things I frequently experienced as a child. Boo Hoo!

Now I’m a grownup, responsible for myself and still not wealthy. So what, everyone has their own struggles. If you don’t like your college, go elsewhere. If you don’t like your state, move. If you don’t like me, tough! Get the idea? GROW UP!

Anyone who equates a poop swastika with a coordinated mass murder has no opinions that matter. Come talk to us when you have discovered logic and when you have empathy for anyone outside yourself.

To the people of France, I apologize on behalf of all Americans for these clowns. Very few moments in film history touch me as much as the cafe scene in “Casablanca”, when the band strikes up the La Marseillaise in order to drown out their oppressors. As the crowd joins in it always brings a tear to my eye.

As much as Americans joke about the French, you are our oldest Ally, and when your back is to the wall, the French will always produce men with spines of steel. God Bless America, and Vive La France!



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