Where do you stand?

This is an open letter to all Federal Employees: 


The President has decided that rights are merely options, unless the weren’t included in the Constitution. Your Bosses (hereby collectively known as “They”) at the top have as well. They have also decided they’d rather have a more expensive, still ineffective Federal Government, than a leaner, less expensive one.


The War on Poverty has produced no tangible result, other than costing massive amounts of money. It probably would’ve been cheaper and more effective to have paid for everyone’s college, than to have fought the War on Poverty. Unfortunately we have wasted that money. We are broke and they are desperate! They are willing to sacrifice our rights, so that they can hold onto power. 

We will no longer allow this to continue without resistance! We do NOT seek to overthrow our governments, merely to back them down, and make them fear the people again. Any government that does not fear the people WILL abuse them.


I ask you to consider long and hard, are you going to be the one who helps take away our rights, one by one, or will you refuse to be a water carrier for petty tyrants?


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