Ted Cruz is Anti-Minority (It’s not what Salon.com thinks though)

You hear it all the time, “How do the Ted Cruz republicans think they are going to win with minorities?”

The answer is; We don’t! I think it is obvious to all reasoning people, Senator Ted Cruz IS Anti-Minority. So am I! We don’t expect to win with Minorities, because we expect to win with people in general.

The artificial divisions  of race and ethnicity, are weaker than the divisions of thought. Most of us want an opportunity at a productive career, a home, a good education for our kids and food in our bellies. The big disagreements are in how to get there. The is no one race in this country where everyone is poor, or everyone is rich. We intend to represent all Americans.

Liberals, continue with your dividing into smaller and smaller sub-groups, as for Ted Cruz and I, we will serve all the people! 


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