Relativism and Voter Suppresion

We hear it all the time, “requiring someone to display valid, state issued photo I.D. at the ballot box is voter suppression. It’s as bad as a poll tax! For many poorer people it’s to expensive or difficult to obtain.” Don’t you believe them! In most states, if you do not have a drivers license it cost around $10 to obtain a state issued photo I.D. card.

Meanwhile, they just voted again in Afghanistan. Afghanistan, where the Taliban threatened women’s lives if they dared vote. Afghanistan, where a large percentage of the population is illiterate and many live on less than $10 a day. They too, were required to show photo I.D. Even with the threat from the Taliban, they showed up to the polls, proudly waving their I.D.’s, thumbing their noses at the Taliban. 


If they can accomplish this in Kabul, then surely than can do this in Sheboygan, Atlanta, or Portland. The Libs must love straw men, because reality couldn’t be much different.


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