Tolerance and The Free Market

A couple of things have happened lately that, to me, seem to connect in odd ways.


First, Mozilla decided that it, as a company, is open to all ideas, thoughts and lifestyles, as long as you believe in the P.C. ones. The let their co-founder and CEO go over a $1,000.00 political donation from a few years ago. This donation was in line with our Presidents belief at the time, as well as a majority of the state of California, who voted to pass Prop. 8. Mozilla decided to do this because of pressure from outside groups including an online dating website. Intolerable that someone could have a different political opinion. Free Speech needs not apply.

Second, A woman (Wendy Davis) who is running for Texas Governor, believes that espousing support for an organization (Planned Parenthood) that was founded by a eugenicist (Margaret Sanger), will earn her the support of most Texans. Mrs. Sanger, who believed in the inferiority of minorities and the poor also espoused forced sterilization and forced abortions as a way to keep the minority populations “under control”. Planned Parenthood makes most of it’s revenue by performing abortions in minority neighborhoods.

Does supporting killing babies make you more likely to vote for her? Their (the babies) body, their choice! If you advocate against murdering babies, then you are told you are against womens health. Somehow I think they are anti baby health.


“Tolerance” of what? Does “Tolerance” include intolerance? Does the 1st amendment only apply, when people like what you say?




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