Maduro makes Simon Bolivar weep in his grave.

In Venezuela, as in Cuba and other South and Central American countries, the leaders have betrayed the legacy of Simon Bolivar.

Simon Bolivar fought for the right of self-rule for the indigenous people of the Americas. He did not fight to replace one arbitrary overlord put in place by London, Paris, Lisbon, or Madrid for an arbitrary overlords from the local populace.

Yet that is exactly what has happened in Venezuela,  Cuba, and many other Latin American nations. In Venezuela the rights of the people are diminishing by the day, while the methods are control are getting ever more violent and suppressive.

This is a general screed to draw your attention to the outrages that are growing daily in Venezuela.  I trust you to do some research. There are many excellent articles being written that address the details.

Down with Maduro!


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